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Our service delivery

Senior Foot Care believes your residents deserve the best podiatry service
possible. So, we’ve created it. We have spent years fine-tuning our approach
so that your facility—and residents—can benefit from a streamlined podiatry
program that ticks all the boxes.


Our systems have been developed to ensure best-industry-practice. We truly
believe they lead the way in providing an optimal podiatry service, but we
don’t rest on our laurels. So, we’ve introduced our Continuous Improvement Program—designed to maintain, and enhance, our high standards through Performance Appraisals, Satisfaction Surveys, regular Audits and ongoing client liaison. Other hallmarks of the Senior Foot Care service include:

We consistently use quality podiatry consumables. Best of all, they have been designed for portability, with our podiatrists trained in their expert usage to allow for swift transition between residents—reducing time between patient visits, which minimises waiting periods

We employ industry preferred sterilisation techniques, so you can rest assured that hygiene standards are always surpassed. Every patient receives a set of sterilised instruments, with all sterilisation practices meticulously captured in detailed records

We appreciate the need to keep disruptions to residents’ routines to a minimum, so as part of our service we offer advance visit scheduling which secures podiatrist visits every 6-weeks—allowing patients adequate time to prepare for consultations

Senior Foot Care liaises closely with patient GPs to attain referrals necessary for patient visitation and facility bulk-billing, making us an attractive service that doesn’t leave your facility out-of-pocket

Our long-term commitment brings lowest possible fixed pricing—enabling you to budget future program costs with piece of mind, and no hidden surprises

Continuity of care is assured by the same podiatrist visiting the same patient— each and every time. This leads to the development of trust, the cornerstone to every carer-patient scenario. It also ensures patient specific knowledge is retained and individualised patient plans are delivered. All our podiatrists are professionally presented in full Senior Foot Care uniform— just another visual reminder of the pride we take in our work.


By engaging Senior Foot Care you gain access to our all-inclusive, industry leading documentation. Quick to implement, and easy-to-use, it removes the hassle normally associated with cumbersome paperwork . Features include:

  • resident concern forms for nursing staff to document foot concerns for the podiatrist to address
  • hand-over tool, unique to Senior Foot Care. All foot concerns are reported in the form of a handover at the end of each consultation to the nurse in charge
  • comprehensive individualised care plans for each patient that outlines their foot care prescription
  • appointment reminder cards for the next scheduled appointment
  • fully compliant, which eliminates the potential risk of non-compliant recordkeeping,is audit robust, and will help maximise ACFI funding by meeting accreditation requirements
  • dedicated manuals issued per each wing of the facility, making documentation quickly accessible.


Senior Foot Care firmly believes in providing ongoing learning opportunities
to facility managers and nursing staff in the area of aged care podiatry. We
regularly provide in-service and education seminars on topics such as ‘Top Ten Toe Tips’. We do so because our goal is to improve knowledge and efficiencies wherever possible, building confidence in staff to deliver a podiatry service that makes a positive difference.

Please contact us if you wish to organise a free seminar—we’ll come to you!

In addition, we are only a phone call or an email away should you have any
questions that arise outside of our scheduled visits or seminars.
Below are links to resource sites which feature current information and latest
industry developments which you may find useful.

Aged Care Queensland
Aged Care Australia

Extra Services

Footwear Prescriptions

Senior Foot Care Podiatrists have all completed a Department of Veteran’s Affairs Footwear Prescription course. We can assess and prescribe the right footwear to provide optimum support and comfort for each patient. We provide advice on purchasing ready-made footwear, or if needed, we can provide referrals to a certified Pedortist for custom-made footwear or modifications.


Orthotics are specially designed devices that fit within the shoe. They help to align the foot and lower limbs to aid in balance and stability which helps to reduce pain in feet, knees and hips. Our Podiatrists can prescribe and supply customised or prefabricated orthotics as well as ankle foot orthotics (AFOs) for foot drop.

Pressure Deflection Devices

Our Podiatrists can provide pressure deflection devices, including padding, strapping and silicone products. These reduce pressure and friction and enhance cushioning, reducing the likelihood or severity of corns, calluses or ulcers.

Vascular Assessments

Senior Foot Care can perform two specialised Vascular Assessments:

  • Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)
  • Toe Brachial Pressure Index (TBPI)

Assessments are performed using our hand-held Doppler Ultrasound equipment. This can determine arterial insufficiencies in relation to compression therapy for oedema and venous ulcer management. Our podiatrists provide a full report with every Vascular Assessment.


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