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If you’ve been thinking about changing your aged care podiatry provider, but would like to know more, please find below answers to some commonly asked questions about podiatry and Senior Foot Care.

Why should I change providers… aren’t all podiatry services the same?

No. Not all podiatry services are the same. Some allied health service companies provide podiatry as part of their offerings—but podiatry is not necessarily their focus, nor is aged care podiatry their speciality. Then there are aged care podiatrists who work with the population at large, but not within the residential aged care sector. Senior Foot Care really is the only provider trained in, and focused on, delivering aged care podiatry services to aged care facilities in South-East Queensland…and we’re growing, with expansion planned for Northern NSW.

What does Senior Foot Care do that’s different to other podiatrists we have used?

Senior Foot Care provides employed podiatrists—not sub-contractors—which ensures a continuity of care that is simply priceless. It helps put residents at ease, knowing their foot care needs will be handled by someone they know, and who knows their medical history. Additionally our staff are trained in how to work with the elderly, and on diseases and afflictions common to them, which brings a whole new level of insight to their interactions with residents. We also boast leading documentation systems, with our nurse handover tool unique to both Senior Foot Care, and to residential aged care podiatry in South-East Queensland.

Are you more expensive because of your specialised aged care focus?

No. We truly believe that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We pride ourselves on offering a pricing model that is comparable with other providers— and often, we cost less. And our commitments to hiring and retaining the best staff, and investing in their long-term growth, prevents the myriad of problems that can be associated with sub-contractor turnover, such as losing industry and personal patient knowledge—a costly exercise for any employer. All of this helps to keep prices down, as does our focus on one specialty area: we’re not trying to be all things to all people—we just want to deliver the best aged care podiatry service possible.


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