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What Senior Foot Care can offer you

Senior Foot Care operates differently from other podiatry practices. We are the only specific aged-care podiatry provider in Queensland. Our unique business model is designed to not only give our clients outstanding service, but also to give our staff unique incentives and benefits.

As a Senior Foot Care Podiatrist, you will

  • Work in one aged-care facility each day. We don’t operate private clinics so there’s no waiting around for clients to arrive and there’s no driving between appointments. You’ll be assigned to facilities on an ongoing basis, so you can build trusted relationships with your patients.
  • Be able to set your own work pace. You’ll know your work schedule a month in advance and you can set your own hours. A lot of our Podiatrists choose to finish their workday at noon!
  • Be supported by a team of administration staff. All administration, scheduling, invoicing and ordering of supplies will be done for you. You can just concentrate on being a Podiatrist.
  • Have everything at your fingertips – except paper! Senior Foot Care is committed to helping our environment so we run a paperless office. We give each Podiatrist an iPad, so you can communicate with the entire team and have access to up-to-date patient lists and documentation.
  • Enjoy organised team building days. One day each month, you’ll be paired with another Podiatrist to work in the same facility. This will allow you to collaborate on therapies and build stronger working relationships with your colleagues.

Professional Development

We strongly believe the benefit of ongoing professional development opportunities. Senior Foot Care pays for every one of our Podiatrists to undertake short courses in Wound Management and Dementia.

We also encourage staff to complete industry-specific courses and we are happy to cover either full or partial cost.

Induction to Aged Care

Aged Care podiatry is a specialised field. Our patients rely on us for more than just expert podiatry care. They rely on us for improving their quality of life.

But you won’t just be cutting toenails! As a Podiatrist working in Aged Care, you will be educated in the areas of Wound Management and Dementia and you will perform vascular and diabetic assessments and ingrown toenail surgeries.

We ensure you have comprehensive training specifically related to Aged Care through our induction program. This involves:

  • Full training in our head office on our documentation processes and procedures
  • On-site training at each facility to which you’ll be assigned
  • Education courses specific to caring for the elderly

Our Culture

Senior Foot Care is a successful, growing and vibrant business, owned by Katrina Taylor. We support our team members and foster a friendly and open culture, where every team member is encouraged to collaborate and have input. We hold regular social events where everyone enjoys spending time as a team.


  • "At Senior Foot Care, I feel supported and appreciated. We’re given regular feedback and encouragement, professional development opportunities and great remuneration. But what I find most rewarding is being able to establish relationships with our wonderful clients."

    Caryn Viljoen

  • "I left private practice to join Senior Foot Care and I love it! All the admin and paperwork is taken care of, leaving me to concentrate on delivering quality podiatry to the elderly. I enjoy being part of a multi-disciplinary team, plus, there is a fantastic work/life balance."

    Rebecca Jenkins