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Aged Care Podiatry

Our Committment

At Senior Foot Care we don’t just work in aged care podiatry—we are committed
to it.

Established by Director Katrina Taylor over a decade ago, Senior Foot Care is
the only podiatry service in South-East Queensland solely dedicated to
aged care.

Our years of experience has contributed to the evolution of our prized
documentation system, which meets aged care accreditation requirements,
and its accompanying handover tool for nurses—which is easy to use, making
implementation seamless.

We work proactively with facility care managers to service the podiatry needs
of all residents—employing highly trained podiatrists, not sub-contractors, to
ensure the utmost consistency and continuity of care. This approach to genuine
relationship building on all fronts has created trusting partnerships which
continue to this day.

At Senior Foot Care, we share your goals—pain-free mobility for your residents,
and improved financial and operational viability for your facility by maximising
funding opportunities. Our high standard of podiatry care assists your residents
with the following:

  • effective management of Diabetes, Vascular and other disease related foot ailments and complications
  • improved mobility, leading to increased independence
  • reduction in ulcerations, minimising hospitalisations
  • enhanced sense of ‘well-being’, and overall level of comfort.

By working with your facility on a regular visitation schedule, we can achieve
optimal health outcomes for your residents.


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